OQHYA Happenings

OQHA Youth are excited to announce their 2nd Annual Congress Youth Bash on Saturday, October 22nd, 7-10 pm in the Rhodes Building. Music, Dancing, Food, Games, Free T-Shirts. All youth are invited! The youth will be selling 50/50 tickets prior to the start of the PBR Bull Riding and the Freestyle Reining. All OQHA youth are encouraged to participate. Check Facebook for meeting times.



A reminder that the OQHYA in conjunction with SOQHYA, NOQHYA, OMIQHYA and EOQHYA will be wrapping up their collection of aluminum tabs for Ronald McDonald House and horse supplies for RE-RIDE Quarter Horse Adaption Program at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. Please bring any items collected to the Information Booth in Congress Hall. Interested in finding out more about the Ohio Quarter Horse Youth Association? Check www.oqha.com under youth for all the OQHYA news, Spotlights, World Show, Congress NYATT Team, Judging Team, Hippology Team, Educational Events, and much more.