The Ohio Amateur Quarter Horse Association is a division of the Ohio Quarter Horse Association that concentrates on the interests of adult horse enthusiasts who do not train or show horses professionally. Whether you are a less experienced Level 1 Amateur, a veteran Amateur, or a Select Amateur, OAQHA welcomes your interest and involvement. Our mission is to promote the American Quarter Horse, to improve and develop the capabilities of the amateur-owner, both individually and through group participation, in the breeding, raising, and exhibiting of the breed. Throughout the year, we have several events to accomplish these goals, including hosting an annual horse show, participating in several service projects, and awarding scholarships.

Why Become an OAQHA Member:

  • The camaraderie with a fun, approachable group of adult non-pros who share a common love for the quarter horse
  • Make a positive impact on others through service projects including New Vocations Horse Adoption, Flying Horse Farms, Toys for Tots, and St Jude
  • Continue your education through scholarship opportunities available to OAQHA members

For more information on the Ohio Amateur Quarter Horse Association, please contact:

Heather Duer
OAQHA President, Executive Board
(440) 669-4991  

Make sure to find Ohio Amateur Quarter Horse Association on Facebook or Instagram for up to the minute updates on our events and activities throughout the year!

View their website here.