Judging & Hippology

Hippology - The Study of the Horse

This contest is an opportunity to learn about all things horse related. From anatomy to weeds, and nutrition to carriages, we will be looking at many topics this year. This Congress Contest will include placing four classes during the hudging portion, a multiple choice test, questions on real objects in stations, and working together on a team problem to solve a given scenario. You can participate by being on OQHYA member, attending two OQHYA meetings before July 1, and attending Hippology practices.

Contact Ruth Somnitz at 440-466-9210, email: ruthsomnitz@yahoo.com or Don Recchiuti at 330-204-6116 for more information.

Judging Team


At the AQHA Youth World Show, the Judging Team will judge four Halter classes and four Performance classes. They will be required to give four sets of reasons defending their placings. At the All American Quarter Horse Congress, members will judge twelve classes and give four sets of reasons. Awards are given for individuals and teams.

Judging Team members are required to attend two practices and a minimum of two OQHYA board meetings. Team members will have the opportunity to compete at the AQHA Youth World Show. Members who attend the Youth World Show will also have the opportunity to compete at the Congress. If members of the Youth World Show team cannot compete at Congress, then their spot will be opened up to other team members.

Contact Jessica Daniels at 740-361-9411 or jdshowhorses@yahoo.com

Horse Bowl

Contact Ruth Somnitz at 440-466-9210, email: ruthsomnitz@yahoo.com


Contact Jessica Daniels at 740-361-9411 or jdshowhorses@yahoo.com