Each year, the Ohio Quarter Horse Association approves shows around Ohio to count toward year-end awards, Ohio’s NYATT team and Ohio’s Youth World Show team. 

OQHA Point Season

OQHA’s point season for year-end awards is February 15th through September 30th of each year. Please note that both horse owners and exhibitors must be current OQHA members prior to showing in order to accumulate points for year-end awards. View the Official Handbook here.

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World Show Point Season

The American Quarter Horse Association Youth World Championship Show Team point period is February 15th through May 31st. For more information about the AQHYA World Show Team, please  click here .

NYATT Point Season

The Congress National Youth Activity Team point period is February 15th through July 31st. For more information about the NYATT Team, please  click here.

For additional information regarding team qualifications and OQHA points, please refer to the OQHA Official Handbook.

Questions regarding point standings should be directed to Rhonda Harter at rharter@oqha.com