Olivia Derlis

Name:  Olivia Derlis

Age: 19

Grade: Sophomore in college 


Where do you live and with who?

Olivia lives in Thornville, OH with her mom, dad, and grandma. 


How did you get involved with horses?

In Elementary school there was a flyer at school for horse lessons and she brought it home to her mom and wanted to do it because it looked fun. 


What disciplines/classes do you show and why?

Olivia shows in the Hunter events; the equitation over fences, working hunter, hunter hack, and sometimes equitation on the flat. She enjoys the hunter events because it is more challenging and fun. 


What would be something that is impossible to give up (Not horse related)?

She said her families boat would be something she couldn't give up.


Tell us something no one knows about you.

She is a very shy person who opens up to you once you get to know her. 


Where can we find you when you are not at a horse show?

She is at her lake house or at the barn.


What do you see your future self doing?

Her future self is going to be a psychiatrist who still rides and shows horses.


If you could ride any horse, who would it be and why?

Olivia would ride her trainers' horse Bentley, Royality in Blue, because he is the coolest horse ever. 


What is the biggest goal you want to accomplish while showing horses?

Her biggest goal is to do better than last year at the youth world, which is placing better than 5th.


Who is your hero/role model?

Olivia's hero is her mom because she is strong and independent. 


What is the biggest dream you have accomplished showing horses?

Her biggest dream that was accomplished was going to the world show because she got to compete against the best people in the world. 


What is an accomplishment you have achieved outside the show pen?

Outside the show pen, her biggest accomplishment was graduating High School with an honors diploma. 


OQHYA Media Committee - Interviewed by Lauren Carnahan