Maggie Cain

Name: Maggie Cain

Age: 16

Where do you live and with who?

I live in Sunbury, Ohio with my mom, my dad, and my younger brother.


How did you get involved in horses?

I got involved through my mom because she barrel raced, and I’ve always been in the barn since an early age.


What disciplines/classes do you show in and why did you choose those disciplines/classes?

I show in contesting because it’s based on a clock and you get to go fast, and it’s an adrenaline rush.


What is something non- horse related that would be impossible for you to give up?

Going on trips with my mom across the country and state.


Tell us something no one knows about you.

Not many people know that I raise and show pigs to take to fairs.


Where can we find you when you’re not at a horse show?

I’m usually either working in the barn, playing with animals, or at work.


What do you see your future self doing?

I see myself training horses for barrel racing, and being able to go all over the country for barrel racing and contesting.


If you could ride any horse, who would it be and why?

I would probably ride An Oakie With Cash aka Louie. He’s an NFR horse.


What is a goal that you want to accomplish during your time showing horses?

To be able to get in the top 5 at the world show.


Who is your hero/ role model?

My mom would be my role model because I always look up to her, and she always gives me guidance when I’m working with the horses, and she’s always there for me.


What is the biggest dream you have accomplished through showing horses?

My biggest accomplishment so far is winning the NYATT barrels at Congress last year.


What is an accomplishment you have achieved outside of the show arena?

Winning grand champion heavy and lightweight at my fair for pigs.


OQHYA Media Committee - Interviewed by Tori Kendle