Dylan Jordan

Name: Dylan Jordan

Age: 11


Where do you live and with whom: 

I live in Delaware Ohio with my mom Jessica Daniels, dad Aaron Jordan and younger sister Rylee.


Other current activities:

I enjoy fishing, working and showing dairy feeders, and hanging out with my friends.


What would be impossible for you to give up?

Living on a farm is something I couldn't give up!


Tell us something that no one knows about you.

I had surgery when I was 3 months old to remove fluid on my skull. I have a scar on the right side of my head.


Where can we find you when not at a horse show?

A friends house, our family cottage in New York, or working on the farm. 


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I will be in high school and getting my drivers license. 


How did you get involved in horses?

My mom is a horse trainer and I grew up riding. 


If you could ride any horse, who would it be and why?

My horse Catman Whiz "Cat" because he is fun to ride and he has taught me a lot. 


What is a goal that you want to accomplish during your youth career?  

Win Congress!!