Caleb Sturgeon candidate for AQHYA Officer/Director position

2017-2018 AQHYA Officer/Director Candidate Caleb Sturgeon interviewed by Alexia Tordoff


Where do you live and with whom?

Beloit, Ohio with my mother, Valerie, and my father Eric.


How do you want to be seen by your peers?

As a hardworking, responsible, and modest individual.


What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses (personal & horse related)? Why?

My biggest strength is that I can compose myself when situations get out of hand. My biggest weakness would be that I really love to procrastinate.


How do you contribute to your community?

I am active in my 4-H group which participates in various community service projects such as Salvation Army bell ringing, road clean up, and soup kitchens.


Besides family, who do you admire the most and why?

Besides Family, the individual that I admire most is Shawn Flarida. He has taught me multiple skills and then pushed me too use them to become a better rider and showman. Shawn has influenced my involvement with the American Quarter Horse through his love of horses and his great respect for them. He displays great sportsmanship when he is competing and can be counted on to remain his usual, humble self. Shawn’s focus is on working hard at home and being the best horseman he can be. He tries to install that philosophy into all that train with him.


What is the biggest lesson you have learned through horses and leadership roles in OQHYA and/or AQHYA?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned through AQHYA and OQHYA is that patience is the most important thing. Bad rides or screwups can't get you down. Patience, practice, and time are great teachers.


What goals are you working towards in the equine industry, academically, and outside of equine?

In the equine industry i'm currently working towards participating in the NRHA Derby and placing in the top ten in the reining at the AQHYA World Show. Academically I strive to maintain a 3.6 GPA and outside of equine I want to finish building my cabin.


Why do you want to become an AQHYA Officer/Director?

I want to become an AQHYA Officer/Director to further voice my opinions and be farther apart of this great organization.


 What motivates you to be a leader?

Self management, making a difference in the organization, voicing my opinion, and meeting new people all motivate me to be a leader.


Describe a typical day outside of showing.

I wake up at 7 and catch the bus to school. After school I come home and do a bit of cleaning and usually make food for myself and watch netflix. Then I go to the barn where I take care of my retired reiner. Around 5 I jump in my Razor and go for an hour or longer ride. At 6 I feed the horse(s) and then I go home and enjoy a variety of games or movies.