Brianna Merklin

Name: Brianna Merklin

Age: 16

Where do you live and with who?
I live in Lewis Center, Ohio. I live with my mom, dad, and three brothers.

How did you get involved in horses?
My mom introduced me to horses. I began lessons in November 2014 with Tammy Rath where I continue to ride today.

What discipline(s)/class(es) do you show in and why did you choose that discipline or class(es)?
I show in Horsemanship, Western Pleasure, and Trail. I am currently learning Showmanship.

What would be possible for you to give up? (something that is not horse related)
I would probably never be able to give up track because I love running.

Tell us something that no one knows about you.
I love to run the 100 meter dash in track. I made the varsity team in high school my freshman year.

Where can we find you when you aren’t at a horse show?
Probably in my room just hanging with my kitten and watching Netflix

What do you see your future self doing?
I see myself riding in college and then going into criminal justice as a career.

If you could ride any horse, who would it be and why?
I am relatively new to the horse world, so I love to ride my horse when the opportunity is given to me. I have a new horse that I am learning how to ride, that is a fun new challenge for me.

What is a goal that you want to accomplish during your time showing horses?
I want to continue growing in my riding skills. I hope that my growth will become a great success.

Who is your hero/role model?
My role models would probably be my trainers, Doug and Tammy Rath. I try to learn and be able to ride like them.

What is the biggest dream you have accomplished showing horses?
In my three years of showing, I have won the YEDA National Horsemanship. I have recently won the NCEA Horsemanship class at the Buckeye Classic. I went to Tulsa this August with the YEDA Team and won the NSBA Team Tournament Intermediate Sr. Horsemanship.

What accomplishment have you achieved outside of the show arena?
I am the seventh fastest freshman in my high school to run the 100 meter dash.

Interviewed by Courtney Hilty