The Buckeye Classic will become Two Separate Shows for 2019

Posted: December 19th, 2018

OAQHA Press Release: The Buckeye Classic will become Two Separate Shows for 2019: “The Little Buckeye & YEDA Classic” and the “BWHA Classic”

The Little Buckeye and The Buckeye Classic shows, known together as “The Buckeye” were created by a partnership of the BWHA (Buckeye Western Horse Association) and OAQHA (Ohio Amateur Quarter Horse Association). Since 2013, The Buckeye has awarded more than $300,000 in free youth and amateur entries thanks to the generosity of show sponsors. And, The Little Buckeye earned its spot on AQHA’s Top 10 show list for two years. The combined show was known for being fun - especially for brightening the faces of lead-liners as they took away huge giraffes, hippos or zebras. The show staff, exhibitors, trainers and vendors were dedicated to giving back by hosting the Buckeye Classic Golf
outing and Donkey Races charity events. Just last year, The Buckeye raised $8,000 for the Make-A-Wish organization.

For 2019, BWHA and OAQHA will hold two separate shows to allow each association to focus more on its respective mission and goals. Members of both BWHA and OAQHA have remained great friends and are working together to ensure both shows are successful and to springboard from the success of our partnership.

OAQHA is excited to announce that this year’s show will be held at Eden Park, July 12-14, 2019 and will be a partnership with the Youth Equestrian Development Association (YEDA). Building off the success of last year’s NCEA Jr. Medal Horsemanship and YEDA Challenge Class, we will be blending a full YEDA show with our three-day, four-judge AQHA/OQHA show. YEDA provides an excellent opportunity for young riders to experience showing quarter horses without the upfront expense and commitment of owning their own horse. By bringing YEDA to AQHA, we will give youth a pathway to join AQHA/OQHA, and potential buy or lease their own quarter horse. (Learn more about YEDA at The show will also be focused on providing an amazing experience for Amateurs – we are planning special classes, prizes and social events for our Amateurs! We also know that Amateurs enjoy giving back – so we’ll look for opportunities for Amateurs to mentor youth or assist some of the YEDA riders.

BWHA will hold its show, BWHA Classic, at Circle G Arena in Lewisburg, Ohio July 19-21, 2019. The show is also a three-day, four-judge AQHA/OQHA show.

Both showbills and final details will be announced on social media before the end of the year. 

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The Little Buckeye & YEDA Classic 

Please mark your calendar for these great shows!

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