OMIQHA Summer SunSation was a HUGE show

Posted: June 17th, 2020

The Summer SunSation show was a huge, very deep show, one of the biggest , best shows around!

OMIQHA had very big classes, Trail had 186 goes, L2 Youth Western Pleasure had 35 goes, L1 Amateur Western Pleasure had 48 goes, L1 Amateur Western Horsemanship had 49 , with the 14-18 Western HMS had 45 in the class.

Showmanship was huge, the L1 Youth SMS had 68 in the class, with the Amateur side having 50 in their class. Halter had a good representation of Youth Aged Geldings of 16, Amateur Aged Geldings had 17, Performance Geldings held out at 23 and 17 between the Youth and Amt.

Hunter had great numbers also with 44 L1 Youth HUS showing, the Amt. side showed 38.
Equation was slightly lower, but still good numbers inspite of the lateness of the night.

Total entries topped out at 2033 per judge.
We brought in 3 extra judges, ring crew to help with the amount of entries and timing, and ran two rings at once.
Everybody stuck around to show till the end, Saturday night ended at 1:30 am.
Sunday started out at 8:00 am with a split pen for SMS, and continued on to the end at 2:00 am.

OMIQHA President, Dan Klaus would like to thank the team of ring crews, who kept things moving along and one of the best announcers in the business.

Also a big thank you goes out to show office staff who kept everything straight from the start.

The OMIQHA directors, staff, queen mum did an awesome job to make the show what it was.

Definitely a show for the record books!!