Ohio youth named AQHYA president

Posted: July 2nd, 2018

New AQHYA officers and directors for 2018-19 were named June 30 during the Bank of America Youth Excellence Seminar in Bryan, Texas.

Candidates went through an interview process, gave speeches and were asked questions throughout the seminar.

After the extensive process, these are the new officers and directors:

President: Olivia Tordoff of Powell, Ohio

First Vice President: Kylie Good of East Berlin, Pennsylvania

Second Vice President: Charles Lee of McAllen, Texas

Executive Member: Caleb Sturgeon of Beloit, Ohio

Executive Member: Sierra Walter of Hydro, Oklahoma

AQHYA directors for 2018-19 are:

Region 1

Isabella Laguna of Snoqualmie, Washington

Jacqueline Potwora of Eugene, Oregon

Samantha Pratt of Monroe, Oregon

Region 2

Delaney Dickens of Omaha, Nebraska

Shelby Holmes of Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Adilynn Friesen of Sutton, Nebraska

Region 3

Justin Eddy of Rocheport, Missouri

Lauren Lounsbury of Cumming, Iowa

Abby McCormick of Indianola, Iowa

Region 4

James Heitzner of St. Clements, Ontario

Kendall Manlief of Rushville, Indiana

Maggie Sever of Hebron, Indiana

Region 5

Morgan Hipkens of Kirkville, New York

R.J. Shepard of Harrington, Delaware

Trinity Packard of Slatington, Pennsylvania

Region 7

Morgan Farrell, of Mesa, Arizona

Alexis Tretschok of Tucson

Region 8

Claire Lee of McAllen, Texas

Region 9

Jessi Monnin of Winnsboro, Louisiana

Macy Blackwell of Loranger, Louisiana

Bailey Carwile of Kilmichael, Mississippi

Region 10

Sidney Nichols of Harrisburg, North Carolina


Olivia is a high school senior who also serves as president of the Ohio Quarter Horse Youth Association and president of the Southern Ohio Quarter Horse Youth Association. Olivia is dedicated to representing the voice of youth membership. Her goal is to encourage a supportive and positive atmosphere in all facets of AQHYA.

Kylie returns for her second term as AQHYA first vice president. She is a freshman at York College. Active involvement in her community has brought Kylie an awareness of the importance of members being heard. She strives to make AQHYA an association that members choose to be active in by shaping it to their liking. She is committed to being the voice of the organization and hopes to continue to do so in her last year in AQHYA.

Charles is a freshman at Texas A&M University. Active in both AQHYA and the Texas Quarter Horse Youth Association, Charles understands the value of communication in an organization. He strives to strengthen membership by promoting youth programs and scholarships while maintaining open communication between AQHYA and its affiliates.

Caleb is a high school senior who returns for a second term as an AQHYA officer. In 2017-18, he was second vice president. As chairman of the international committee, Caleb aspires to bring connectedness to youth members around the world. He feels that it is important to reach every member, regardless of location. Caleb’s goal is to continue promoting international communication.

Sierra is a high school senior. As a director, Sierra has worked to promote AQHYA at various horse shows. She wants to amplify youth membership through team-building activities at large shows and bring connectedness to the organization. Sierra plans to continue her outreach and education, hoping to expand her reach as a national officer.