Posted: April 18th, 2019

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In an effort to accommodate stall preferences in the most fair and affordable way possible, we are offering priority stalling as an option at this year's show.

With priority stalling, we will assign stalls next to the arena first, then barn A (North), then barn B (South). If your reservation includes 10 stalls or less the cost is $300, and for more than 10 stalls the cost is $500 (in addition to stall reservation).

For reservations already sent: First choice of priority stalls will be offered until May 1 for those who have already sent their reservation forms . Stalls will be assigned by when payment is received. If you have already sent your reservation, and would like priority stalls, please contact Cris Martin at 614-805-2460 with your credit card number, or if you have an open check, just notify Cris Martin via phone or email and you will be added to the priority list in the order your payment is received.

For new reservations: If you have not yet made your stall reservations and you would like priority stalls, add the appropriate amount to your check and get your reservations in asap! We will assign priority stalls on a first come first serve basis and they will be slotted in priority order immediately following the those that have already submitted their reservations, and confirmed by May 1.

As a reminder, all profits from our show will be applied to youth and amateur scholarships and programs.

We appreciate our exhibitors and we're looking forward to making sure you have an amazing experience at the Little Buckeye and YEDA Classic!

Here is a link to the reservation form: