2020 Little Buckeye

Posted: July 13th, 2020

Team Tournament Results: 

Team 1 is the winnin

Team Tournament Results: 

Team 1 is the winning team with a total of 47 points!

They win a leather halter from Mane Stream Saddlery

Kim Best
Laura Salome
Ryan Ventura
Maggie Garwood

Team 3 came in second with 45 points! 

They win a $100 Schneider’s Gift Card 

Hanna Hedderick
Lauren Brown
Sarah Lebsock

Team 2 came in 3rd place with 35.5 points!

The will win a $50 Gift Card from Glamorous Threads

Heather Duer
Kelly Rauschenbach
Jenn Feller
Jill Moore


Some photos provided by Fairfield Photography 


2020 Little Buckeye All Around Highpoint Awards:


Champion - Lisa Scott-Reiss
Reserve Champion - Sheila Shortz

Rookie AM 

Champion - Lauren N Brown
Reserve Champion - Cheryl Duffey


Champion - Kari Linn
Reserve Champion - Mallory J Wachob


Champion - Sarah Lebsock
Reserve Champion - Hailey A Thornton

Select AM

Champion - LuAnne Coleman
Reserve Champion - Kimberly A Best

Small Fry

Champion - Gwen Toth
Reserve Champion - Skylar Herrnstein

L1 Youth WT

Champion - Addison Marie Linsley
Reserve Champion - Sydney Nicole Geberin

Youth 13 & Under

Champion - Annabelle Grace Batsche
Reserve Champion - Unie Brechbuhler

Youth 14 - 18

Champion - Isabella Marie D’Onofrio
Reserve Champion - Abby M Wirick

L1 Rookie Youth

Champion - Annabelle Grace Batsche
Reserve Champion - Hannah Rus

L1 Youth

Champion - Kylee Marie Williams
Reserve Champion - Tianna S Cooper