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The Ohio Quarter Horse Youth Association is a division of OQHA just for members 18 years old and under. OQHYA members can participate in shows and compete for a spot on Ohio’s AQHYA World Championship Show Team and Congress National Youth Activity Team Tournament team, as well as earn points toward year-end awards. OQHYA offers Judging, Hippology, Horse Bowl, and Speech teams for Youth members that look to broaden their skills and knowledge. Youth members are even eligible to receive scholarships!

The OQHYA encourages its members to be active both in the show pen and outside of it through numerous fundraisers and volunteer efforts held each year. Ohio youth are encouraged to try out for the World Show Team and Congress NYATT team, as well as get involved by attending meetings and running for office.

For more information about the Ohio Quarter Horse Youth Association contact:

101 Tawa Rd.
P.O. Box 209
Richwood, OH 43344 

OQHA Scholarships

The OQHA Scholarship Committee was established to provide opportunities for deserving OQHA or OQHYA members who wish to further their education in a college, university, or other institute of higher learning. For more information, click here

Important Youth Deadlines

2018 OQHA Youth Timeline


• January 15th - Youth Meeting @ 7pm
• January 15th – OQHYA deadline to declare/intent letter for AQHYA National Officer/Director Candidates/Delegates 
• January 26th – Deadline for voting for QOHYA Ballot 
• January 26th – Deadline for Banquet Reservations


• February 3rd Newly Elected Officer/Director Meeting @ 11am
• February 3rd Annual Youth Meeting/Mingle @ 12pm 
• February 3rd - Sportsmanship Nominations/Voting at Annual Youth Meeting
• February 3rd - Banquet @ 5pm Social & 6pm Dinner/Awards
• February 15th – Scholarship application deadline