Ohio Queen Contest

Since 1961, a young horsewoman has been chosen each year to represent the Ohio Quarter Horse Association at equine functions throughout the state, including the OQHA Year-End Awards Banquet and affiliate horse shows, as well as competing for the title of All American Quarter Horse Congress Queen in October. The OQHA Queen serves as an ambassador of the association, encouraging membership in the association, making appearances at state and regional Quarter Horse functions, as well as visiting related open show and breed show associations to raise awareness of the OQHA and the Quarter Horse breed. The contest consists of a horsemanship ride, a written exam covering the AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations and a personal interview.


OQHA Queen Candidates must be current members of the Ohio Quarter Horse Association, and must be ladies 18-24 years of age as of January 1st. Candidates cannot be married, divorced or a single parent. Candidates must agree not to enter any other horse breed association queen contest after being crowned and drop out of any other contests she may be entered into upon being crowned, with the exception of the All American Quarter Horse Congress Queen Contest.

How to Apply

To apply for the 2018 OQHA Queen Contest, please download this FORM and send to:

2018 OQHA Queen Contest

The OQHA Queen contest consists of three things: a horsemanship test, a written test and a personal interview. The horsemanship test is worth 20 percent of the candidate’s total score. Candidates do not need to own the horse they choose to ride. Each candidate will receive a score from 0-20. If multiple judges are used, their scores will be averaged. The written test is worth 40 percent of the total score. It consists of 80 questions on general horse knowledge, along with many questions from the AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations and OQHA Handbook. The written test may contain true and false, multiple choice and fill in the blank questions. Each question will be worth 1/2 point. The personal interview is worth 40 percent of the total score. Each candidate will participate in a 15 minute personal interview before a panel of two or three interviewers. Candidates will be judged on their appearance, personality and ability to present themselves. Each candidate will receive a score of 0-40 from each judge.

Horsemanship will be held at the EOQHA Futurity in September.

Crowning during the OQHA Banquet held in February 2018.