EOQHA show held at Columbus Fairgrounds

Posted: April 9th, 2018

The Ohio Quarter Horse Youth Association media committee and reporter are working to provide you with a few questions answered by several youth who show their horse(s) at the Ohio circuit shows throughout the year. We hope you gain some insight on the latest trends, favorite memories, favorite things do at shows, and much more all according to some of Ohio’s very own youth organization.


This past weekend EOQHA hosted a horse show at the Columbus fairgrounds where youth media committee member Marina Marotto and reporter Natalie Hilty asked six different youth two questions and received these responses:

1. What is your favorite fashion trend in the show pen? (i.e. outfits, styles, brands, etc.)

Claire Hickman- I like all the different color-coordinated outfits in both Western and English events because it’s very trendy and makes you stand out.

Mason Dorsey- A colored button-downed shirt because it’s a clean and classic look.

Alexa Thorpe- I really like the trendy piping on the English hunt coats.

Brooke Bradley- I really like the boleros for trail and western riding. I also like the colorful shirts for the HUS.

Austin Iatonna- My favorite is the classic Harris button-down show shirt.

Cora Wyers- I really like boleros with fringe in the trail and western riding.


2. What is your favorite thing to do at shows besides showing your horse?

Claire Hickman- I love seeing all my close friends and also catching up with long lost friends, too.

Mason Dorsey- Sleeping on the off time and hanging out with my friends is my favorite.

Alexa Thorpe- I like to practice with my horse, hang out with my buddies, and eat!

Brooke Bradley- I really like to eat and have fun showing my horse!

Austin Iatonna- I like socializing with my friends.

Cora Wyers- I enjoy practicing and improving with my horse and hanging out with friends.

Marina and Natalie along with everyone in OQHYA would like to thank those youth who answered those questions and provided some very interesting feedback. Not only are these youth competitive in the show pen and love what they do, but the general consensus shows that they also love the friends they’ve made in the industry while showing just as much. They also answered a question about fashion trends where we got responses from both the boys’ and girls’ point of view. It looks like the boys prefer the classic button-down, while girls enjoy the pops of color and bling.

We hope this has given you some helpful insight on what’s popular and trendy on the fashion side of things while showing you what the kids love most next to showing. Watch as more horse shows near for more youth interviews to get your frequent update on different thoughts from Ohio’s youth.