The OQHA Scholarship Committee was established to provide opportunities for deserving OQHA or OQHYA members who wish to further their education in a college, university, or other institute of higher learning.
Each year the OQHA President shall appoint a scholarship committee consisting of at least, but not limited to, two OQHA Directors.
Scholarships (both new and renewal) will be awarded upon recommendation of the scholarship committee and approval of the OQHA Board of Directors, dependent upon monies available in the annual budget.



Outstanding Horseman Award - $1,000
Sydney Hoffa

OQHA Higher Learning New Scholarships - $750
Abby Garbe
Audrey Baker
Bethany Reiterman
Paulina Martz        

Jess Cecil Memorial Scholarship Award - $1,000
James VanFleet


2015 Scholarship Recipients

Outstanding Horseman Award - $1,000
Lauren Diaz

OQHA Higher Learning New Scholarships - $750
Jenna Jacobs
Madison Theil
Caitlyn Colvin
Mariah Sherer
Bridgett White
Elaina McCarthy           

Jess Cecil Memorial Scholarship Award - $1,000
Alexis Taylor



Qualification Requirements

Eligible applicants must meet all three of the following:
(a) Applicant must have been a member of OQHA/OQHYA for the three consecutive years immediately prior to the year of application, plus the year of application.
(b) Applicant must be a high school graduate or a senior in high school who will graduate by July 1st of the application year.
(c) Applicants cannot have reached their 23rd birthday by December 31st of the application year.

Application Process

(a) Applicants must submit the following written materials:
i. A completed application form provided by OQHF;
ii. Their most current high school or college transcript with cumulative grade point average;
iii. A total of three letters of recommendation from a variety of sources (for example: school administrator, teacher or professor, guidance counselor or academic advisor, employer, community service supervisor, horse industry professional, or OQHA Member).
(b) It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that ALL application materials are submitted collectively, under one cover, and received at the OQHA Office on or before February 15th.
(c) Applicants must also complete an oral interview, to be held at the OQHA Office in Richwood, Ohio, on the second Saturday in March. Applicants submitting all of the required written application materials in a timely manner will be contacted by OQHA staff to schedule an interview time.

Scholarship Renewal

(a) Scholarship recipients are eligible to apply for a renewal of their scholarship three additional times (once per academic year), provided they meet all of the following:
i. maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.70 or better;
ii. maintain a current OQHA/OQHYA Membership;
iii. have not reached their 23rd birthday by December 31st of the application year.
(b) To apply for renewal of a scholarship award, recipients must submit a letter (not to exceed one page) which briefly describes the progress they have made towards their academic and career goals in the past year, along with a current transcript showing their cumulative GPA. Renewal request letters and transcripts must be received in the OQHA office (together in one envelope) no later than February 15th.
(c) Renewal scholarship checks will be made payable to the college/university/institute, and mailed to the recipient by August 1st.


For more information, please contact Cathy Martz 614.751.2447 or