Youth Spotlight - Mason Dorsey

Posted: March 23rd, 2017


Where do you live and with who?

Mason Dorsey lives with his mother, father, two sisters, and a brother in Powell, Ohio.


How did you get involved with horses?

Mason got involved with horses through his grandfathers. Both of them were involved with horses, which is how he got interested in the animal and the sport.


What discipline/ classes do you show in and why did you choose that discipline or classes?

Mason shows the Western All-Around events which would include the Horsemanship, Showmanship, Western Pleasure, Trail, Halter, and Ranch Riding. He says I show the events my horse likes to do.      


What would be impossible for you to give up (something that is not horse related)

Mason says his Family is something that would be impossible to give up. He says he’s very close to his family and it would be impossible to give them up.


 Tell us something that no one knows about you

Mason says he’s basically an open book when asked this question. “There’s nothing that no one knows about me” he says.

 Where can we find you when you aren’t at a horse show?

When Mason isn’t showing the Western All-Around events at horse shows, he says he can be found at home spending quality time with Family.


What do you see your future self-doing?

Mason says he sees his future self-becoming a horse trainer. Learning from an early age is key in this industry.


If you could ride any horse, who would it be and why?

Mason says he would like to ride Invitation Only, “because he’s one of the greatest studs of all time”.


What is a goal that you want to accomplish during your time showing horses?

Mason would like to win a Congress Championship during his time in the show pen. When asked if in any specific event, Trail would be the event he would like to win most. However, any Congress Champion title will do.


Who is your hero/ role model?

Mason says his Dad is his role model because he’s a handworker and never gives up.


What is the biggest dream you have accomplished showing horses?

Mason’s biggest accomplishment was making the 2016 Youth World Team as a 13&under.


An accomplishment you have achieved outside the show arena?

Mason says showing is basically his life, he however did make the honor at his school all while balancing showing too.


OQHYA Media Committee - Interviewed by Ellexxah Maxwell