Top Ten Reasons Why the Buckeye Classic is a Top Notch Show

Posted: July 21st, 2016

By: Barbara Aitken

The Buckeye Classic and the Little Buckeye, presently running at the World Equestrian Center in Wilmington, Ohio, has gained major popularity since it’s debut in 2013. The Ohio Amateur Quarter Horse Association’s show is a top AQHA show for a multitude of reasons. We’re counting down the top ten reasons.

  1. Sponsors

Thanks to 12 corporate sponsors and approximately 40 show sponsors, the Little Buckeye and the Buckeye Classic shows are able to accommodate exhibitors to the highest level. Thank you to all the Little Buckeye and Buckeye Classic sponsors!

  1. Timing

With the AQHYA World Show only two weeks away and the AQHA Select World right around the corner, the Little Buckeye and Buckeye Classic are great opportunities for exhibitors to dissect last minute training opportunities or to put their hand down to feel what their horse is capable of for the World Shows coming up. As for Amateur and Open riders, who are qualifying for the AQHA World Show in November, the Buckeye could be the last show to receive points before the July 31 deadline.

  1. Size

Speaking of qualifications, if an exhibitor is in need of points, the Buckeye is where they’re at. Classes are HUGE this year! Exhibitors from across the country and even from other countries traveled to the WEC to compete at the Little Buckeye and Buckeye Classic. That’s dedication!

  1. Staff

From horse show officials, office staff, to announcers and stall attendants, this show is full of fantastic staff willing to help in any way. The staff rises in the early mornings and takes late night shifts, while working every hour in-between. Make sure to tell the staff thanks for all that they do. 

  1. Shopping

What equestrian doesn’t like shopping? From horse supplies to designer outfits, the Buckeye Classic has vendors placed in and outside the barns. Exhibitors and spectators alike have a wide variety of shopping conveniently available each day.

  1. Facility

The World Equestrian Center located in Wilmington is known for their white sand arenas and exceptional accommodations. The WEC currently has three working inside arenas that are attached to all barns, so exhibitors are not subjected to weather rain or shine. They are also building a new arena that will be ready to ride by October 1st.

  1. Weather

Although weather can be unpredictable (especially in Ohio!), the temperatures have been comfortable throughout the duration of the show. However, as temperatures rise in the next few days, both exhibitors and horses should adjust well, especially with the nice ventilation options!

  1. Atmosphere

Going to horse shows are sometimes as much for spending time with friends as it is for competing. The Buckeye makes it easy. With hospitality tents filled with free goodies, exhibitors can hang out with friends or meet new people while enjoying a cold water bottle and a piece of candy.

  1. Prizes

Wow! The Little Buckeye and  Buckeye Classic e have great prizes. Saddles, trophies, bronzes, ribbons, and money earning opportunities, exhibitors could potentially walk away with a truckload of prizes. For those who might not walk away with saddles or bronzes, there are random drawings each day for exhibitors including 8 mini iPads!

  1. Free entries

Yep, you didn’t misread that title. FREE ENTRIES! All Little Buckeye Youth entries were FREE and Amateur entries at the Buckeye Classic are FREE. Free entries provide an incredible opportunity for exhibitors to branch out and try new classes or help easy expenses during the show season.

All in all, the Little Buckeye and Buckeye Classic are exceptionally run shows that represent Ohio well. Congratulations to all who have competed in the last week and thank you to all who have worked to make the show a top notch show!