The Buckeye Training Camp

Posted: January 2nd, 2017

The Buckeye Training Camp, brought to you by the Buckeye Reining Series, was developed to bring people from all skills levels together for a weekend of fun and education. Whether you are an avid horse lover still hoping to own your own horse one day, an accomplished competitor, or wanting to learn how to start your first 2-year-old, the Buckeye Training Camp offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Friday 2/17/2017
7pm "Secrets of NRHA Judging" with Bub Poplin

Saturday 2/18/2017
8 am Doors Open
9 am to 5 pm Tack Swap
9 am to 11 am "Starting the Young Horse" Dan James
11 am to 1 pm "Starting the Liberty Horse" Dan James
1 pm to 2 pm "Longer, Happier, and Healthier Lives for Horses" with Merial
2 pm to 6 pm "Improving Your Reining Score, One Maneuver at a TIme" with Shawn Flarida and Bub Poplin
6:30 to 7:30 pm "Freestyle of Champions"
7:30 BRS Series Award Banquet and Celebration

Sunday 2/19/2017
8 am Doors Open
9 am to 5 pm Tack Swap
9 am to 1 pm "Succeeding at AQHA's Fastest Growing Discipline - Ranch Riding" with Steve Meadows
1 pm to 3 pm "Secrets of NRHA Judging" with Bub Poplin
3 pm to 6 pm "Helping you and your horse reach your true reining potential" with Shawn Flarida