OQHA Names Tordoff, Seanor, and Cecil to new roles In the Board of Directors

Posted: March 16th, 2017

OQHA announces that Tordoff, Seanor, and Cecil will be assets to the Board of Directors moving forward following the unfortunate passing of long-term Director and Congress Tri-Chairman Denny Thorsell.

Greg Tordoff, a life member of OQHA and a four-year member of the OQHA Board of Directors, was named an All American Quarter Horse Congress Tri-Chairman by the Board of Directors.

Tordoff, who has served on various OQHA/AAQHC committees including Chair of the Annual Banquet Committee, OQHA Long Term Planning, Finance, and Public Policy Committees, Animal Protection and Fire, Stall Move-In, and VIP Awards, will be a valuable addition to the Tri-Chairmen.

Tordoff is the National Accounts Manager for Fairmount Santrol, is a leading producer of high-purity silica sand used in the metal casting, glass production, equine arena footing, industrial & recreational markets, and the oil & gas industry, is responsible for strategic planning and sales with the National Account clients within North America.

He is also the president of Wild Oats Farm and his family is members of SOQHA, NOQHA, EOQHA, AQHA and NSBA.

OQHA Board of Director George Seanor, will be filling Greg Tordoff's vacancy on the Executive Committee. While, Rick Cecil will be filling Denny Thorsell's OQHA Board of Director position.

OQHA believes that Tordoff, Seanor, and Cecil will be essential members of the board and aid in the continued progress of the Ohio Quarter Horse industry and the All American Quarter Horse Congress.