Ohio Youth members elected to AQHYA office

Posted: July 13th, 2017

Congratulations are in order for Ohio Youth members Caleb Sturgeon, Olivia Tordoff and Ellexxah Maxwell who were voted into AQHYA officer and director positions during the recently held 2017 Bank of America Youth Excellence Seminar (YES) in Amarillo, Texas.

Sturgeon, a high school junior from Beloit, has been elected AQHYA 2nd Vice President. According to the officer biographies on the AQHA website, Sturgeon’s plans include setting up monthly regional conference calls to allow more open communication among the regions. He believes this would improve shows, fundraising and membership promotion across the board. He has served as the vice president of OQHYA and believes he can help improve communication in the youth Quarter Horse world and bring in new membership.

Tordoff, a high school sophomore from Powell, has been elected Executive Member. She hopes to continue to grow the association through the use of technology. Tordoff feels a need to reach out to AQHYA members worldwide and expand the potential of individuals to create a strong future for the AQHYA. She is active in her community and serves her Association through AQHYA committees as well as being the president of OQHYA.

Maxwell, a high school sophomore from West Mansfield, has been elected Region 4 Director.  She plans to promote new membership by sharing what the organization is truly about; love for the American Quarter Horse. She also plans to engage younger age groups to encourage active involvement with all things AQHYA, including taking advantage of the resources available to them. Maxwell believes that older AQHYA members lead by example and are a great recruiting tool that can help to shape the future of the organization.

YES offers interactive sessions designed to develop and teach leadership skills, inspiring speakers presenting topics related to the equine industry, and much more for AQHYA members and nonmembers ages 10 to 18.

Five AQHYA officers are elected during the seminar—president, first vice president, second vice president, member and member. Regional directors were also elected—AQHYA has 11 regions; each region elects three AQHYA members as directors.

Other members in attendance for the YES seminar include: Brooke Bradley, Emily Ambrose, Emma Brown, Riley Jacobs Bell, Natalie Hilty, Millie Landon, and Alexia Tordoff.