NOQHA Spring Extravaganza comes in Hot!

Posted: May 29th, 2018

 The NOQHA Spring Extravaganza and Level 1 Novice show was well attended with stalls and RV hook-ups sold out.  A pizza party sponsored by OQHA was held on Thursday evening for all exhibitors and an ice cream social sponsored by NOQHA was held on Saturday afternoon for all. 

 The competition was as hot as the weather as this was the last week-end for Youth World in-state qualifying. The temperatures soared into the 90’s for the first time this season. Prizes for all exhibitors placing 1st– 6th under all 4 judges were available along with special prizes for the small fry and lead-liners.  Hundred dollar incentive vouchers donated by OQHA, Gut Health products donated by Tom Hall, and random prize drawings were also given.  Judges were Sissy Anderson, Tony Burris, Bennie Sargent, and Bruce Walquist


The NOQHA Novice show was ranked in the top ten for 2017 and we look forward to it being top ten for 2018. The Hi Point winners for the Level 1 Extravaganza were;

Champion Novice Amateur – Hanna Hedderick and Icecream

Reserve Novice Amateur – Stacy Hibbert and The Master Of Deskys

Champion Novice Youth – Addison Nalle-Icenhour and Lonesome At The Bar

Reserve Novice Youth – Carli Kerns and Zippin Past The Best

Champion Small Fry – Emily Craft and Magic Like This

Reserve Small Fry – Adeline Gabor and Consider Him Sheik


The NOQHA Summer Six Pack Circuit is June 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th at Findlay Western Farm.  Our 6 judges are Clint Fullerton, Kelly McDowall, Chris Thompson, John Deane, John Barry, and Karen Watters.

Doughnuts, pizza party, taco party and an exhibitor party are just some of the special things happening there.  The youth have some fun things planned also.  Hope to see you all there!