New for 2017 OQHA Show Season

Posted: February 15th, 2017


  • All show dates from March 1st-Sept 30th are NOW APPROVED for OQHA points.
    • OQHA has joined forces with the Buckeye Reining Series to approve their AQHA Reining and Ranch Riding classes for OQHA points. 

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 Ohio Show Schedule online


  • New for the Youth Division
    • All exhibitors and owners must be members in order to receive points. 
  • Small Fry Program
    • Small Fry exhibitors will be allowed to show in AQHA Level 1 Walk Trot Division classes but these classes will not be included in the Small Fry High Point Year End Awards.


  • Ohio Points for Level 2 and Level 3 Classes:
Level 3 Class
    • Year End Awards and Team Points will be based off the combined Level 2 and Level 3 Judges Card. (If the Level 2 exhibitor places on the Level 3 judges card, Level 2 exhibitor will receive points in both the Level 3 and Level 2 classes).
    • The Level 3 class will count towards the Year End All Around Awards.
    • Points will be based on the total number shown in the Level 3 class (which is the combination of total number shown in the Level 2 and Level 3 class combined).
Level 2 Class
    • Level 2 classes will receive a Year End Award for the individual Level 2 classes.
    • Level 2 classes will not count towards the Year End All Around Awards.
    • Level 2 class points will be calculated off the Level 2 Judges card only.
    • Points will be based on the total number shown in the Level 2 class only.
  • Open Level 1:
Open Level 1 eligiblility is based on lifetime points and money earned by class. Eligibility of the horse is on the honor system and can be subject to verification through NSBA records, Equistat and/or recognized breed associations. 


  • Don't forget to submit your Select Amateur Designation Forms for this year's show season. 
    • For the purpose of calculating OQHA year-end points, in the event a Select Amateur class is combined with the Amateur class, OQHA will separate out the Select Amateur points for those select exhibitors who have a designation form on file prior to showing in said class. The Select designation will become effective when it is received in the OQHA office, or by the show secretary at any approved OQHA show, and will expire at the end of each show season. The Select Amateur will receive points based on the total number of entries in the combined classes. The Select Exhibitor must be entered in the Select class in order to be eligible for Select points. If the show bill does not offer a Select division of the Amateur class, there will be no Select points tabulated for that class.  


  • Declarations for the AQHYA World Show are due March 1, 2017.
  • Hardship applications must be on file with AQHA in order to receive OQHA points. Hardship applications are available on AQHA website