The All American Quarter Horse Congress

Columbus, OH
10/1/2006 - 10/22/2006

NOTE: These are the entrants that placed in this class, but they are listed strictly in back number order. Position in the list is NO INDICATION of how the entrant place in the class.

Class 8600 Congress Western Longe Line 1st Go Finalists

Back No Horse Name Exhibitor Owner(s)
1681 Huntin A Charm Ty Hornick Lee Reeve
Garden City, KS
1726 Intoxicating Version Debbie Rallo Jack & Pat Creditt
Wilmington, OH
1950 Maker Radical Justin S Mullens Gail K Waters
Russellville, OH
2381 Causin The Commotion Gil Galyean Dr. Candice and Cory Hall
Black Creek, BC
2486 A Invitation Deluxe Butch Bogus Butch Bogus
Carrollton, PA
2669 Sierras Bold In Gold Bill Rinzema Gail K. Waters
Russellville, OH
2858 One Hot Exception Dennis Robinson Dennis Robinson
Francesville, IN
3617 Im Pretty Lazy Rick A Cecil Ashli Grubbs
Tallahassee, FL
3622 Delited To B Invited Dan R. Trein Jackie Ritter
Ashland, OH
3924 Reinvest In Style Kathy Kennedy Stanley & Susan Scott LLC
Ocala, FL
4470 Astute Version Bruce Vickery Pamela Robinson
Blanchester, OH
6490 Invest At Last Kim Wadds Tricia Meade
Port Huron, MI
6495 Only If I Dun It Gord Wadds Melissa Gray
Harvard, IL
6689 Look Whos Ready Kim Wadds Kim Wadds
Ovid, MI
7131 Zippos Good N Fancy Stanley Scott Stanley & Susan Scott LLC
Ocala, FL
7938 Deep Dark Chocolate Robin Gollehon Libby Trucco
Delaware, OH
8095 Hot Rockin Potential Kenny Lakins Jr. Nicole Jennifer Bennett
8482 Banc Rodder Nicole Marie Squires Frank Palumbo
Frostburg, MD
9043 Zippos Shooter April Devitt David Clark
Versailles, KY
9952 Like This Luke Laura Bracken Laura & Jerry Bracken
Trafalgar, IN